Financial Spread Betting

“One of the main benefits of financial spread betting is that all winnings are tax-free,” notes David Jones, chief market strategist at IG Index. “However, we are finding that a lot of traders and investors are signing up because they can get easy access to lots of different trading instruments and react quickly to stories they read in the newspaper.”

In years past, financial spread betting was all about betting on an index, such as the FTSE 100. Now, spread traders can also take a punt on the price of any stock, commodity, exchange traded fund or forex pair: in short, almost anything that has a price that fluctuates frequently can be open to a spread bet.

In fact one of the main differences between traditional investing in a stock and spread betting on it is the ease with which you can do the latter. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a better option, of course. Anyone worried about gambling needs to think carefully before opening a financial spread betting account.

That’s because spread bets are leverage meaning that all profits and losses can be magnified accordingly. In other words, when you invest in a stock you know your that your maximum risk is limited to your original investment. When you spread bet, your stake is multiplied by the movement in the stock so you don’t know the maximum amount you can win or lose from the outset

Another benefit of spread trading is the ability to go long or short on a market which offers the opportunity to profit irrespective of the direction in which prices are moving.

So if a stock falls 100 points in one trading day and you spread bet at 20 a point, you’d stand to lose 2,000. On the other hand your 20 a point would result 2,000 gain if the stock rose 100 points.


Looking for the next financial spread betting program to join online is not an easy task to do. The first financial spread betting system you even tried to join and had your first spread betting experience on is the first steps system for the good and for the bad in it. The second one, the additional spread betting software you are looking for is much harder to find. financial spread betting

As a rookie to financial spread betting world, everything is new. New terms to learn about the betting systems, whole new strategy to win the bets, new tips to learn from and new forums for spread betting brokers. Since it’s all new, usually you take it slowly; learn from mistakes and looking to improve yourself. Within a month or two of spread betting you will know what is good for you, what is bad to use and which are the optional new systems and market needs you can use in order to optimize your bets online.

This is the main idea, why the additional financial spread betting system you are looking for is much more complete to choose and demand real knowledge from you as a system user. The big advantage you have upon the other ( new financial spread betting systems users ) is that you know what to are facing and you have the experience to ask what you really need. The full instruction to choose the right spread betting program is listed on the Spread Betting Portal and contains all the points to look for when you open your better account.

Another option to think about is to upgrade your current account instead of opening new account in another spread betting system. Since you know the specific program you work with, you know what you can have in addition to what you got at the moment.

Talking to your online support can always help you, especially when you like to talk about your account benefits and future option. The spread betting program would like to see you keep trading with them and will try to prevent you from going to bet on financial spreads with another programs, at this point you can ask what you are looking for.

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