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Directors Excessive Salaries

Ina Drew Chief Investment Officer at JPM “retires” following the $2 billion loss. Her salary was a hefty $500,000 but she managed to wangle an unbelievable $15.5m in 2010. Greedy bitch!

I also reckon Tim Cook (Apple CEO) could do with a hair cut, he snatched a pornographic $377,996,537 for one years work!

Here’s what the fat cats get paid: (Regulator Knackerd would soon sort em out)


Executive pay is simply ridiculous. I can only relate to it when it’s performance related. Hedge funds are the biggest joke of all, the charges and fees mean the performance has to be unbelievable for you to see any gains but even bad performance will see the hedgies get paid, here’s a chart how hedgie money gets paid out red is hf fees yellow fund of fund fees and green clients profits.

Hedge Funds Fees

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