Finance Betting

The new buzz on the financial markets is the Financial Spread Betting which is also known as finance betting.

Now it’s easier to invest on the financial markets, trade oil, silver gold wheat, trade currencies and more. It’s easier than forex and gives you much more trading opportunities.

Finance betting unlike forex is a bet placed on spreads set by the spread betting company which sets a spread of values on which the investor needs to decide on whether this value will go above or below the spread. The investor place a bet which its value will determine the profit or loss for this bet. The bet for the value to go up is called “Long” and the bet for the value to go down is called “Short” just like in the real financial market.

The difference between the financial spread betting to the real world financial investments is the amount you need to invest in order to be included in the daily trade. Whereas in the real world you need to have a big sum of money to invest, in Finance betting you need to have as little as $5 or 5 British pounds to initiate your journey in the world of financial spread betting.

No prior knowledge is needed, it’s similar to sports spread betting, the only difference is the market type.

Finance betting is gaining world wide popularity especially now, after the world financial crisis is starting to disappear and the markets are recovering. Investors who lost their money and have the knowledge of the financial markets are investing in finance betting in order to make a profit.

Finance betting is very popular in the United Kingdom where it is licensed and regulated and carries no tax on the investor which makes it even more attractive.
You can open a finance betting account online and bet on the financial markets online.

Finance betting protects the investor by giving the option to stop loss the bet. A stop loss by definition stops the potential loss of the investor at a point set prior to placing the actual bet. This limits the potential loss of the investor should the bet go the wrong way (the investor will lose the bet). The stop loss also decreases the winning amount however it’s a good option for beginning trader.

Finance betting is dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In all types of betting and gambling there’s a risk of losing money and so does Financial Spread betting.

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