Money Management & Over Leveraging

I once managed to wipe out a £5k spread bet account thro poor money management and over leveraging, so im conscious of the risks.  After reading lots of books and learning from past mistakes, I went back to spread betting using basic technical analysis and the 2% rule. Effective money management has been the single most important factor that has kept my spread betting account in profit. I generally buy shares with a 2/3 year view and use spread bets (sometimes the same shares) for the shorter term trading and shorting. I wouldn’t be a fan of watching them go down by any amount and waiting years for them to rebound. Id get flash backs from my shirtless days! lol

And remember as the use of gearing is voluntary any problems it may cause must be laid quite definitely at the feet of the user, gearing itself is not at fault.  In fact the use of any gearing at all is not enforced by spread betting companies, it is only offered.



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