How Much Money Can I Make With Financial Spread Betting

In case you’re asking this question you must be new to financial spread betting, as getting familiarized with financial spread betting the answer to how much money can I make with financial spread betting is absolutely no limit!

When I first verged into the world of leveraged trading years ago I had no experience of spread-betting at all and certainly had no idea how much the average full-time trader would expect to make in a week. I spread a few posts around the forums and having sorted through answers like ‘most of them go bankrupt’ to ‘I made over a £100 last week’ or ‘I’ve made £20,000 this month’

The best thing about financial spread betting is the ability to leverage your investment – leverage your bet and by doing so you can invest a relatively small sum of money and make it into a big sum.

And while I say that there’s no limit on how much money you can make with financial spread betting there’s also no tax on your winnings (this may change in the future) which makes it even more attractive especially if you’re winning.

Imagine yourself placing a long spread bet on oil in a day the oil prices jumped by $10 a barrel just because some Arab Emirate prince had to scratch his back with an ivory comb? You made a fortune my friend, not just a fortune a quick fortune as the bet is limited in time and you can make a lot of money in no time.

There are risks though, nothing is 100% guaranteed, you can also lose money if the bet is turning against you, after all, you must remember that this is considered gambling and in gambling you can also lose.

Spread betting is definitely not a quick way to make a fortune. It is too easy to lose money spread betting which is why risk management is critical

There are ways to protect you from losing a lot of money like the “Stop Loss” which is intended to limit your losses to the amount you originally invested. You should make sure to use this tool even though it will limit your profit on the specific bet.

If you are an expert in the financial market and Forex is peanuts for you, switch to financial spread betting guide and you will be exposed to a variety of financial markets you never dealt with. This will enable you to make a profit from other non currency exchange markets with less the effort and the knowledge needed for Forex. Of course you can also trade currencies or better said bet on currencies in financial spread betting but again, this is just one of the market offered.

To sum this up, there’s absolutely no limit to what you can earn betting on financial spreads, there’s no tax and there’s a variety of markets you can bet on but its not a quick rich scheme. If you were to disregard all the wealth warnings, then I believe that it is better to go in with your eyes wide open and understand fully the risks that you are taking on.

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